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The Business Growth Lab is an early-stage, start-up and SME consultancy for helping people grow great ideas. Our methodology is designed to maximise chances of success. Taking small businesses to the next level.

Early-Stage, Start-Up & SME Consultancy

Every business starts with an idea. The Business Growth Lab is able to help small businesses nurture ideas and translate them into viable propositions through innovation, technology and digital strategies. Partnering clients every step of the way to ensure overall business success with honest, transparent and beneficial advice.  We offer clear direction on strategy, growth readiness and preparation for next stage investment funding to take businesses to the next level…

Value Added Business Guidance & Support

The Business Growth Lab offers cost-effective solutions tailored to bespoke requirements, budgets and timescales. We want to put in place a solid platform to ensure growth (success) and return on investment (ROI). Our collaborative approach ensures no money or resources are wasted and every effort is made towards achieving business objectives. We actively work directly with company directors and business owners to deliver impactful solutions.

The Business Growth Lab: Our Methodology

Define the problem

• What is the problem or need? • Is the problem worth solving? • How best to solve the problem?

Evaluate the solution

• Unique selling points (USPs)? • Innovation or breakthrough Solution? • Is the solution sufficiently differentiated?

Measuring potential

• Evaluating viability and potential risks; • Competition analysis and market size; • Financial and commercial viability?

Value Proposition

• Defining business and customer propositions; • Innovation strategies and early-stage growth; • Growth readiness and next stage funding

Rob Bennett


About Rob

A passion for business, I have a strong background in client consultancy, corporate finance and business law. I have helped 100’s of companies grow and develop with diverse experience guiding early-stage start-ups, SME businesses and large corporations. My expertise allows me to offer proactive business coaching / mentoring, see the ‘bigger’ picture (as well as the here and now), in-depth analysis and necessary tools to give solid foundations for next stage growth and investment.                                                                                                             

I founded The Business Growth Lab with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs and business owners achieve success through practical guidance, clear direction and support. Why not get in touch to learn about how I can help grow your business.


Rob has well-developed strategic, commercial and financial awareness combined with strong critical analysis and business decision-making skills to truly understand the heartbeat / DNA of a company. Rob has worked with business leaders, company owners and entrepreneurs from start-ups and SMEs through to major global corporations. Rob also benefits from excellent professional training right throughout his career.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE:  Early-Stage Businesses, Start-Ups and SME Consultancy, corporate finance, commercial development, business law, entrepreneurship (award-winning community website and magazine), intellectual property, investment funding, M&A (deal structuring) and company restructuring (turnaround) for diverse companies.

Supporting The Small Business Lifecycle

Start-up Consultancy

Business set-up, strategy (vision) and guidance

Early-Stage Growth

Driving forward technology and innovation strategies

Growth Readiness

Building a platform for future growth and next stage funding

Sustainable Growth

Future expansion plans (investment) and business development
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